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The "Tamar A. Bucci Foundation" is a non-profit,
public charity created to honor the loving memory
of Massachusetts State Trooper Tamar A. Bucci, who
lost her life in the line of duty on March 4, 2022, at
the young age of 34.

Tamar envisioned early on one day wearing the badge and uniform and helping those in need, she knew it would be challenging as a female but she had prepared all her life to make it happen. Her commitment and dedication to physical fitness were beyond measure, she doubled down during basic training and gave her all to achieve her ultimate goal.

On May 6, 2020, at Gillette Stadium, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tamar A. Bucci graduated as a member of the 85th Recruit Training Troop (RTT) of
the Massachusetts State Police. Her dream had finally come true, she was dressed in her State Troopers Uniform and proudly wearing Badge #4440…this was the proudest day of her life! In her short career, Trooper Bucci was assigned to the Leominster Barracks then transferred to Brookfield Barracks,
and recently transferred to the Medford Barricks bringing her closer to home.


Aside from Law Enforcement and working out at the gym Tamar loved spending time with family and friends. She adored being around children, their laughter and silly ways about them, and was head over heels in love with every 4 legged fur-baby she met!

The Tamar A. Bucci Foundation was created to keep her spirit alive and share her joys with others. In an effort to combine all her favorites in one place it is our hope to build a recreational park in her honor. A place for families to enjoy time together and build memories, a place for friends to meet up and share laughs, a place for children to explore and play together, and a place that is dog friendly so you can bring along your furry friend!

Most of all our vision is to include an outdoor fitness space for all ages to enjoy, stay healthy and stay strong – because the mind, body, and spirit need to be at their best at all times…and that’s what Tamar lived by. 

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The day after Tamar was killed, in the line of duty, the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representative interrupted all business to observe a Moment of Silence in her honor. This is the tribute that was authored and read by Woburn Rep. Richard Haggarty and accepted unanimously by the members of the House. Following this tribute, the House Chaplain also offered a prayer
in her memory.

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